XII Brazilian Arbitration and Mediation Moot – CAMARB Alumni & Arbitrator Intelligence Report 

XII Brazilian Arbitration and Mediation Moot – CAMARB Alumni & Arbitrator Intelligence Report

CAMARB Alumni is happy to release the results of the XII Brazilian Arbitration and Mediation Competition Report, developed in partnership with Arbitrator Intelligence.

From October 21 to 24, 2021, the teams attending the Brazilian Arbitration Moot, organized by CAMARB – Câmara de Mediação e Arbitragem Empresarial – Brasil, were requested to fulfill questionnaires during the global rounds in order to, for the first time in the history of the competition, evaluate the arbitrators for their performance.

Through these questionnaires (treated anonymously and without any sort of individualized information), Arbitrator Intelligence and CAMARB Alumni were able to obtain information about the: (i) number of questions asked by the arbitral tribunal, (ii) their content, (iii) whether the tribunal requested citation of cases law, (iv) flexibility of the arbitrators regarding time allocation, (v) knowledge of the arbitrators about the case, (vi) quality of the feedback given to the teams, and (vii) the oratory style most appreciated by the evaluators.

The project was inspired by the questionnaires and reports produced by Arbitrator Intelligence, which aims to increase transparency, accountability, and diversity in the arbitrator selection process by making information about such professionals available to the relevant public. For more information, please visit: https://lnkd.in/dYUEp6X

We would like to thank immensely everyone who contributed to this project: Aécio Filipe OliveiraLucas de Medeiros DinizLuciana ToledoRaquel MarangonVitor VieiraMayara NunesCatherine RogersKirsten Teo, 张天丽 (LLM, MCIArb, MSIArb, FAIADR)Gregory KingAmanda Lee FCIArb, as well as CAMARB – Câmara de Mediação e Arbitragem Empresarial – Brasil‘s and Arbitrator Intelligence‘s Directors.